Prepation for your appointment

We work with consultations by appointment, we do not take walk-ins.

Appointments can normally be made online, however due to the Covid-19 measures it is not possible till further order, we hope to enable it again soon (September 2020). Appointments can be made by telephone with the receptionist.

An appointment takes 10 minutes, which is usually sufficient for attending to your problem. If you are experiencing multiple symptoms or feel you require more than 10 minutes, we would like to know in advance. We can then take it into account when scheduling so that no one is kept waiting.

Office hours GPs

The GPs take consultations daily from monday until friday. Doctor Vossers takes consultations on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, doctor Stavenuiter takes consultations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Preparing for an appointment

A consultation is oftentimes more beneficial if you take the time to prepare yourself well for the conversation in advance by thinking over your symptoms, how long you have had them, what you feel the issue might be and what you expect from the visit to your GP. A note can be helpful for reminding you of everything you want to ask, so we encourage you to bring one. If you think you have a fever, please take your temperature immediately. If you have bowel issues, submit a urine sample to the receptionist before the consultation. It is helpful to us if you think along with us about possible solutions or clarifications regarding your symptom(s).


Housecalls are meant for patients with serious ailments. If you are incapable of coming to the practice due to a medical reason, we will visit you at home. The practice has better examination and treatment- equipment and options, which is why an appointment at the practice is often preferable.

Housecalls are made in the late morning and early afternoon between 12.00 and 14.30. Please request a housecall before 10.00.

Consultations by telephone 
If you would like to consult your GP by phone, you can make an appointment with the receptionist in the morning. The GP will call you back later, usually between 12.00 and 14.00. However, if the practice is very busy, the GP can call between 16.00 and 17.00.

Medical receptionist’s appointments
The medical receptionist has her own consultation hours. You can make an appointment for this with the receptionist. Consultations with the medical receptionist are available for the following:

  • bloodsugar monitoring
  • bloodpressure monitoring
  • ear wax removal
  • freezing warts with liquid nitrogen (we have liquid nitrogen available every day at De Huisarts),
  • simple wound treatments
  • taking out stitches
  • administrative matters
  • urine tests
  • pap smears

With urine tests, it is imperative that you hand in your sample at the counter in the morning. Do note that the sample has to be handed in within an hour or be stored refrigerated beforehand.

Cancelling appointments

If you are unable to make it to your appointment, we ask that you cancel your appointment by telephone, not later than 24 hours in advance. That way someone else can be scheduled in your timeslot so that waiting time is minimized. Please cancel appointments for routine consultations with the practice nurses (e.g. the POH-GGZ for psychological assistance, and the POHS-S for COPD, Diabetes and Heart en Vascular Diseases/CVRM) at least 48 hours in advance. If you are absent from your appointment with no notice, you will be charged for the appointment. Those costs amount to €12,50 ex. VAT for a standard consultation and €25,00 ex. VAT for a long consultation or operation.

Please note: online appointments should not be made for urgent matters or life-threatening situations, for example: chest pain, shortness of breath, severe pain, loss of strength, confusion. Contact us by telephone immediately in those situations.

If you are unsure about the severity of your symptom(s), always contact the GP by phone.

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