New patient registration

You are most welcome to register with us as a new patient. We accept registrations from patients that live in Haarlem Noord within the postcode region 2021 to 2026. The driving times outside of this area are such that we are unable to provide good healthcare.

If you wish to register as a new patient, please fill in the form below. When all required information is processed, you will receive an email to confirm your registration with De Huisarts.

The “Het Landelijk Schakel Punt (LSP)” makes it possible for healthcare providers to have access to important information from your medical file, if necessary. Think, for example, of your medication, allergies to certain medicines or important illnesses that you have. If you give permission to the LSP, the GP post can help you better and medication changes are automatically processed. If you say yes to the LSP, this can be of great value in urgent situations. Please sign up on

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