Online Medical File

Online Medical File, how does that work?

We offer you the option to review certain data from your medical files (lab results, test results). You can review those online if you create an account on (click the button below: online files). This is done once using DigiD. This video shows you how it works. Should you have any questions about the results or otherwise, you can ask the GP those online using the same account. That would be an E-consultation. For more information about E-consultations, please see this page. Once you have an account on, you can download the Medgemak app on your phone for your convenience. This will allow you to take care of and review a variety of health-related matters on your phone.

Online dossier inzien

Create an account on now; you will be asked to log in using Digid the first time. You can then select De Huisarts and review parts of your medical file online.

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